From page 215 of Exodus’ new book “God’s Grace and the Homosexual Next Door:”

[From the chapter “25 Questions and Answers About Gay Ministry”]

17. Can a homosexual who has become a Christian work around children in the Sunday school or elsewhere?

First of all, becoming a Christian is not the issue. Practicing homosexuals, whether they are Christians or not, should not teach Sunday school to any age. However, the case may be different if someone has accepted Christ and surrendered his (or her) sexuality to God.

Now why a gay person who isn’t a Christian would possibly want to teach Sunday school is beyond me. Alan continues:

The majority of homosexuals are not pedophiles, and someone who has left homosexuality does not pose any specific risk to children as a result of his former homosexual practices.

Anyone, no matter his or her background, should be carefully screened before being entrusted with precious children. As with any childcare worker, criminal background checks should be done to ensure that the worker has no criminal history and especially no history of violence or abuse against children.

No word from Alan on letting practicing adulterers (someone who divorced their spouse and remarried) teach Sunday school.

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