Jim Burroway of the Box Turtle Bulletin has created an excellent point by point analysis of the Amicus Curiae (friend of the court) brief from the Family Research Council to the Maryland Court of Appeals opposing same-sex marriage in that state.  While one would expect such a document submitted to a court in order to influence a legal ruling might contain more substantial science, the FRC has sadly fallen back on the tried and true deception of propaganda instead.

The FRC cites five studies to describe gay male relationships, none of them remotely representative. Four studies are more than twenty years old (one more than thirty), conducted well before the AIDS crisis shook the gay community. Only one study is recent, but that “Dutch Study” is an AIDS study, not a “study on male same-sex relationships” as the FRC says it is. None of the “evidence” that the FRC brings before the Maryland Court of Appeals is valid. In fact, this portion of the FRC’s brief, at the very least, borders on perjury.

Thanks to Jim for his scholarly work, exposing yet another deceptive perversion of science by those who, sadly, seek to deny basic rights to others. It’s an easy read, informative and well worth your time.

The FRC’s Briefs Are Showing

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