As everyone who comments has already noticed, typing a displayed security code is now necessary when submitting a comment. This was installed as part of our protection against both spam and a DoS attack last month. This version does not use distorted numbers so it should be fairly easy, but we’ve had a problem. Some people are posting without entering the code. This puts your comment in the junk queue until I can get around to checking and releasing it.

It’s easy to forget, I’ve done it myself on a few posts. Unfortunately, this can disrupt the train of thought and also appear to be unnecessary moderation. For the record, we do not moderate posts but we do have some anti-spam filters in place and they are mostly very accurate. Just try to remember to enter the code. If you forget or get it wrong, just realize that your comment will be delayed. To readers, if a comment pops up out of nowhere, that’s probably what happened.

We may be able to remove this protection with future modifications to Ex-Gay Watch, but until then we appreciate your cooperation with this minor inconvenience. It’s better (we hope!) than having the site become unaccessible.

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