Narth DVD

Focus on the Family’s Mike Haley and National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality founder and president Joseph Nicolosi have participated in the making of a DVD called “The Condition of Male Homosexuality.”  It is described on the NARTH website as “an excellent introduction to the conditions that lead to male homosexuality, and how to begin the journey toward wholeness.”  Presumably one must spend the $12 to find out just what “wholeness” means, but we can probably take a guess.

While NARTH often claims to be a secular, scientific organization, this would seem another example of their heavy collaboration with James Dobson’s politically active Focus on the Family.  According to NARTH, the DVD was “recorded at a Love Won Out conference.”  Love Won Out is the Focus sponsored traveling conference where members of Exodus, NARTH and Focus on the Family spread their message that being gay is abnormal, unnatural, unchristian and unhealthy – not to mention unnecessary because “change is possible.”

Since Focus on the Family is not only in agreement with NARTH but is indeed an active partner, we have to ask what James Dobson, et al, have to say about this.  Would they be so silent, so distant if the Schoenewolf paper had made insensitive, trivializing remarks about the struggles of Christians and, instead of NARTH, had been posted by GLSEN?

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