Peter LaBarbera’s anti-gay group, Americans For Truth, delighted in today’s Oprah show. He posted this article:

Oprah Exposes NAMBLA: Homosexual Pedophiles Online

…Mr. Eisenwald [sic] was a guest on “Oprah” because today’s program focused on homosexual pedophiles and on NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association…

Oprah’s show today focused on pedophiles, those adults who prey on children, both girls and boys, and use the violation of their innocence for their own sexual gratification. Oprah had on experts who had experience in setting up and capturing the assailants or had penetrated their circles.

And one such circle is a group called NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) which is comprised of adult men with an interest in underage boys. Incidentally, we are not talking about 22 year old guys who have a thing for their 17 year old neighbor. No, these are middle age men who get together to discuss ways to get sexual access to children. Let there be no doubt that ExGayWatch unequivocally and unreservedly denounces this group and has nothing but disgust for its members.

However, Peter LaBarbera abandoned truth in both his headline and the body of his comments.

First, Kurt Eichenwald’s two articles were not about “homosexual pedophiles” at all but about the access that all predators have on the internet to semi-nude erotic photographs of small children and the way that pedophiles are using the internet to connect with each other. The bulk of one of Mr. Eichenwald’s article was about pay-sites that post pictures of young girls in wet or otherwise revealing clothing. The other discussed how predators would get access at children including woo their mothers.

In addition to Eichenwald, Oprah had Robert Hamer, and FBI agent that spent three years infiltrating NAMBLA, Darlene Calvin, the ex-wife of one of the NAMBLA member arrested in a sting that Hamer organized, and John Kennelly who participated in a Dateline sting. About the only thing missing was any discussion about “homosexual pedophiles”.

So did Oprah focus at any point on “homosexual pedophiles”?

Not that I can tell from the website. The only pedophile about whom we know anything of his life was Todd Calvin, the ex-spouse of guest Darlene. And he could only be described as heterosexual or, at least, “living the heterosexual lifestyle”. In fact, there was no identification at all of any men who exhibited any sexual, romantic, emotional, or other interest in adult men.

I don’t know if Oprah cautioned her audience that most predators of children, both boys and girls, are friends or family members and are frequently married men. But on the other hand, I did not see that she confused child molesters with gay men.

So why did LaBarbera claim that “today’s program focused on homosexual pedophiles”? Is it because LaBarbera was confused and thought that predators on boys must be gay men? Did he just make a mistake?

No. LaBarbera knows better. His extensive “research” at sex clubs and in smut rags has earned him the nickname “Porno Pete”. He is quite aware that gay men do not have any disproportionate interest in children and that pedophiles who prey on boys very seldom are interested in adult men.

Yes there are some gay men who molest children. But LaBarbera knows that focusing worried parents on the gay community will distract them from where the majority of these predators lurk: in the churches, parks, boy scouts, and families that identify as hetersexual.

Then why? Why would Americans for Truth make a claim that they fully know isn’t true? Why would LaBarbera do anything that could endanger the safety of children.

The answer is that LaBarbera and Americans for Truth have an agenda, and truth and the safety of children have no part in it.

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