Exgay movement leader Alan Chambers and former exgay Peterson Toscano are both featured in the October 2006 issue of Maxi, a German women’s fashion magazine.

Toscano’s weblog has pictures and excerpts from the articles. (The articles are not available on Maxi’s web site.)

Among the excerpts is a German-language quote from a former exgay named Daniel, 25. Toscano helpfully offers a Babelfish translation of Daniel’s quote from German back into English:

However I particularly repent one: that mine Coming out three years too late dam. At that time I was at the Collge and a quantity of marvelous types missed, with which I could have led mad relations.

No wonder they call it “Babel”fish.

If someone can figure out how to buy the October issue of Maxi online (or translate the article accurately for us), please let us know. Ich spreche nicht Deutsches.

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