Alain’s Newsletter, classified as hate speech by Google and supported by the TVC, recently discontinued publishing and put up a splash page on the domain’s entry which provides no explanation. I emailed former contributor Stacy L. Harp who replied:

Not that you and I are friends, but I was told by someone that he is very ill and had to discontinue the blog until things get better.

Such a peach that Stacy! She’s writing for now.

In Stephen Bennett news, the “daily broadcast” hasn’t been updated in two weeks or so and Straight Talk Radio appears to have become a subscription based service. I’m curious if it’s even still airing on the handful of stations it debuted on. Numerous emails sent to STR seeking comment were not returned. The STR main page now reads:

Sraight Talk Radio is a subscription based service which reports on the homosexual agenda, understanding the truth about the homosexual lifestyle and how to minister to those trapped in this destructive homosexual behavior. As an Annual Member of Straight Talk Radio, you will have access to all of Straight Talk Radio’s Broadcast Archives – as well as new programs. The Annual Subscription to Straight Talk Radio is for your tax-deductible gift of $50.00 or more. We encourage you to download the broadcasts, burn them to CDs* and pass them along to as many as possible to learn the truth about homosexuality and its effects on society, children and those who practice it. (*A small fee would apply for burning special, multi-part broadcasts. Detailed information is available on the Private Members page.) As a member, you will also have access to STR’s Private Discussion Boards to discuss numerous topics relating to homosexuality and the homosexual agenda.

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