Today’s Focus on the Family broadcast was the first in a series designed to whip up hysteria over gay marriage and try an convince black people Focus cares about a variety of issues impacting their families how they vote on gay marriage. Of course that means it’s time for Focus to trot out the black pastors again. Before putting his guests on Dobson can’t help but blab away the first half of the program himself. Here are a couple of highlights:

Cos as you all very well know marriage is under vicious attack, now I think from the forces of hell itself. Now it’s either going to continue to decline, and as I told you in my office a few minutes ago, I believe with that destruction of marriage will come the decline of western civilization itself.


We’re really in a crisis point, right now, right now… Where the family is either going to survive or it’s going to fall apart and it will happen in the next few years.

[Download MP3 of segment]

So in summary; Children rolling eggs The forces of hell (pictured below) are coming to get you and we need to pass the FMA right now or western civilization is going to collapse. Don’t wait! Call now! Operators are standing by!


P.S. Don’t forget last year Alan Chambers said Satan is using gay people to further his agenda to “destroy the kingdom of God.” The Exodus newsletter can be such a hoot, I suggest you get on their mailing list since they won’t send it to me for some reason.

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