In a podcast interview with Kim Jeffries, ex-lesbian Janet Boynes cites makes up some interesting statistics:

Jeffries: I understand that’s not uncommon that there has been a sexual assault or rape or some kind of abuse in the past of many women who enter into a lesbian lifestyle.

Boynes: From what I know I believe there’s 80% of women, between 80 and 85% of women that are struggling with homosexuality were either raped by someone they knew or somebody outside of that but normally there’s some type of rape or some kind of molestation in our past.

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Ms. Boynes has been quite busy recently having been featured in an ad opposing hate-crimes legislation, was the Exodus newsletter testimonial of the month earlier this year and appeared in Family News in Focus.

[If any XGW readers have the back issue of the newsletter featuring Boynes please scan it and send me a copy. Exodus has a habit of saying outrageous and potentially embarrassing things in their newsletter which is why I suspect it’s not available online.]

via Pam Spaulding

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