Last week I received a rather bizarre email from a woman identifying herself as Carrie informing me (an exgay ministry) had shut down their online forum “because of all of the posts being made by pro gay advocates.” The nutty part went on to accuse XGW, “how dare you [XGW?] take away their right and support to interact with other people who do not believe people are born gay.” Carrie goes on to say, “last I checked we are not living in China.” I checked Desert Stream’s discussion board and found this posted:

We have had to temporarily shut down our sexuality forums because of the overwhelming interest by the gay rights advocates. Unfortunately they have decided that our content is too offensive for their taste and are reacting against it. The forums will reopen at a later date.

Who exactly is acting like the Chinese government? Seems to me it’s the exgays shutting down and censoring forums. Here, let’s have a look:


Since the inception of the Exodus: Live Out Loud blog (which has essentially become the new media blog) there has been a blanket ban on dissenting comments, no matter how articulate, respectful or factually correct they may be. Comments that make it past Exodus censors are pretty sparse causing the “discussion” to come out feeling like a lobotomized love-fest.

But Exodus’ online dissent policy is hardly alone.

In a post made earlier today I mention Straight Talk Radio appears to be moving to a subscription based service. But prior to the discussion boards going “members only” blogger Joe Brummer managed to get himself banned from the site.

DL Foster has deleted comments:

I have so much compassion, I am deleting your comment out of deep concern for anyone who may be damaged and wounded by it. I have compassion for you. You are apparently lost and extremely out of touch with real life.

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