Writer Eve Tushnet is a conservative Roman Catholic. Tushnet, whose article on the exgay roadshow Love Won Out appeared at National Review Online today, accepts church teaching that sexual expression is — to oversimplify just a bit — reserved for reproductive potential within heterosexual marriage. I’m told that Tushnet opposes gay marriage and might well oppose other facets of civil equality.

So we have our differences of opinion. Yet her tentative conservative outsider’s observations of Exodus and Love Won Out are well worth pondering.

A possible insight into exgay goals:

The possible insight is this: Ex-gay theology/ideology seeks to immanentize the eschaton.

No–hey, wait, let me explain!! “Immanentizing the eschaton” is basically trying to yank Heaven down to earth by force of will. Utopianism, only with a stronger theological connotation, I guess.

More observations:

Links to reactions to her National Review Online article. (Wayne Besen also commented.)

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