In an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Alan Chambers discussed the motivation behind Exodus International’s focus on youth.

“There’s definitely an absolute push in Hollywood, in the sitcom world, to really normalize and legitimize homosexual relationships and homosexuality. Because it’s so prominent on television, we’re talking about it more and there’s more acceptance of it,” said Alan Chambers, president of Orlando-based Exodus International, an evangelical organization that tries to guide gay people toward heterosexuality. As a result, Exodus created a youth component six years ago.

“We thought, rather than wait until they were immersed in a homosexual identity and wanting help, let’s catch them before they have to make a decision,” said Chambers, who as a gay teenager, said he was “devastated” when a guidance counselor told him he could not change the fact that he was gay.

Even in this small quote we can deduce three things about Exodus:

1. Exodus’ intent is not to provide pastoral or counseling care to persons struggling with their same-sex attractions but rather to counter efforts to “normalize and legitimize homosexual relationships and homosexuality”.

2. Exodus assumes being unhappy (“wanting help”) naturally results from being gay (“immersed in a homosexual identity”). This demonstrates a willful ignorance of the lives and testimony of happy healthy gay individuals and couples.

3. Exodus’ strategy is in the form of entrapment and indoctrination of youth. Had any gay organization or representative said “let’s catch them before they have to make a decision” there would be great social outrage. And I’d join it. This idea of catching and imposing their sexual agenda on children is very disturbing.

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