EDITED: I’ve edited this posting to narrow my focus of criticism.

Addendum, July 7: CWFA has revoked intern Sarah Kuziomko’s original press release without explanation or apology; here is a copy of the original press release, obtained from Google cache. Here is CWFA’s revised press release.

Grove City College, where prominent ex-gay proponent Warren Throckmorton teaches, has contributed a new combatant in the Culture Wars. Sarah Kuziomko, an intern at Concerned Women for America, is a communications major at the school.

However, Ms. Kuziomko appears to be learning the lie, spin, and distort branch of communications. Her latest effort was to repeat the false story about the “mobbing” of the son of anti-gay activist David Parker.

A mob of schoolchildren seized and beat the 7-year-old son of pro-family activist David Parker behind his school, Estabrook Elementary, in Lexington, Massachusetts, recently, on the second anniversary of same-sex “marriage” in Massachusetts.

The victim, first-grader Jacob Parker, apparently is feeling the heat for his father’s opposition to forced pro-homosexual education.

The school became aware of the fight immediately and discussed it with all parties. The investigation determined that the scuffle was over who sat where in the cafeteria. When the Parkers issued a press release filled with paranoia, the school administration invited an investigation by the police. All of this is clearly explained on the website of the school.

We know that Kuziomko has seen either the site or read some of the refuting evidence because her story references the police involvement, which was not included on the original press release:

Recently the school superintendent asked three different government agencies to investigate the beatings. All three mysteriously declined.

There was nothing mysterious about their disinclination to become involved with a schoolyard fight over a chair. If the boys were so content with the resolution that they had a subsequent play date, surely this is not a police matter.

There is no question that Kuziomko knows that the story she’s spreading is false. It is clear in the way that she selects phrases like “apparently is feeling the heat”, “mysteriously declined”, and “many observers believe”. She’s walking the fine line between an outright lie and giving a false impression.

I am concerned that this behavior is evident in a student at a Christian school. It makes me wonder whether the Communications Department at Grove City College is adequately teaching an ethic that places emphasis on truth, fact, and honesty.

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