Today, millions of young people fear that they will be rejected by family and friends simply because they are gay. But you have the power to make a difference. Be an ally, a friend. Go to

This is wording that Traditional Values Coalition finds objectionable.

The above quoted public service announcement played today on As the World Turns on CBS. TVC sent out a press release blasting “GLAAD’s Pro-Homosexual Ad Campaign” and “CBS-TV’s Complicity”.

TVC proposes an alternate PSA be prepared. Instead of encouraging the public to make a difference about fear of rejection, TVC’s announcement would present “a view that you are not born that way and that you can come out of the homosexual lifestyle.”

The Traditional Values Coalition feels GLAAD is using free advertising to push a message about homosexuality that is simply not true. The pro-family group’s executive director points out that thousands of former homosexuals can attest to the fact that people are not born with that sexual orientation, and that change of one’s homosexual orientation is possible.

Interestingly, the PSA that aired did not discuss the origins of sexual orientation or ex-gay ministries. Nor did GLAAD and CBS discuss any issues of morality or lifestyle. In an effort to promote an anti-gay agenda, TVC is has jumped into the unenviable position of championing fear and rejection.

Andrea Lafferty is encouraging CBS affiliates not to run the “inaccurate” PSA. Naturally, Lafferty does not feel it necessary to identify a single word in the announcement that is not completely accurate and truthful.

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