Elizabeth McClung observes that Exodus has largely abandoned its ministry to gay youths, and replaced that effort with a program to teach heterosexual antigay “Christian” teen-agers new methods of verbal peer pressure and misinformation.

McClung is scruplous in linking to specific Exodus acts of misinformation, such as:

  • there are no same-sex-attracted teen-agers, only heterosexual teen-agers tempted by same-gender lust
  • homosexuality can be caused by namecalling
  • homosexuality is remedied by tomboys undergoing beauty-pageant makeovers

Beyond the parroting of antigay misinformation, antigay youths are encouraged to threaten gay/straight alliances that uphold freedom of speech, expression, and religion for gay and straight students alike.

While Exodus modifies its methods of hassling and politicizing youths, McClung pauses to note a recent report that antigay verbal harassment has impacted 76 percent of gay students and almost 40 percent of gay students have been physically harassed. Step by step, McClung links to each exgay organization that is battling against antibullying programs in the nation’s public and private schools, and quotes from their efforts to trivialize antigay violence.

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