Dr. Warren Throckmorton was quoted in an article at HealthCentral.com about the just-released study identifying different brain processing of certain smells (potentially pheromones) between heterosexual women and lesbians:

The research suggests that “sexual preference is associated with the brain response,” said Warren Throckmorton, an associate professor of psychology and fellow for psychology and public policy at Grove City College in Grove City, Pa. “Lesbian women don’t show the same pattern of [brain] activation in response to the pheromones.”

While he finds it interesting that different parts of the brain responded differently in the study, “how those differences get there this says nothing about,” he added. Whether the women were born that way or learned the behavior, he said, is beyond the scope of this research.

Kathleen Doheny, the author, did not identify Dr. Throckmorton as a leading proponent for reorientation in her article. However Dr. Ivanka Savic, the author of the study, did give her opinion as to reorientation:

Larger populations need to be studied, Savic said. When asked if her research suggests that programs to change sexuality would not be effective, she said: “We have no proof, but I anticipate in the majority of people these programs will not work.”

Of course, that’s just her educated guess. As Dr. Throckmorton has indicated, Dr. Savic may undertake similar testing using ex-gay participants and/or bisexual participants.

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