Exgay movement leader Alan Chambers announced today that exgays had been betrayed by the religious right.

“Today I join Anthony Falzarano, an exgay who years ago condemned Family Research Council and Focus on the Family for their uncharitable treatment of exgays and for their selfish political exploitation of sexual strugglers,” Chambers said.

Chambers declared that Exodus International would become an organization devoted to:

  • celibacy,
  • pragmatic disease prevention (including abstinence, monogamy and condoms),
  • addiction/compulsion treatment by certified professionals,
  • nonpartisan religious faith, and
  • values based in charity to others rather than survival of the fittest.

Exodus chairman Mike Haley admitted that Focus on the Family — where Haley works in the antigay politics office — had exaggerated claims of change in sexual attraction, distorted science, and defamed sexually responsible and spiritually mature gay persons while promoting “special rights” for antigay religious groups.

Haley resigned as Exodus chairman and as a Focus employee. He said Focus had become so consumed by egotism and political warfare that few of its employees were still Christian. “All of them need to be born again,” he said. “They have much to repent, and I pray that they will one day be redeemed.”

Chambers rebuked his former colleague for tying Exodus to corrupt political allegiances with racist and misogynist demagogues who had given “Biblical inerrancy” a bad name.

At Ex-Gay Watch offices in Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, staff were caught off-guard. They had been celebrating April Fool’s Day. After choking on his wine cooler, Ex-Gay Watch founder Mike Airhart said that Ex-Gay Watch served no further useful purpose and would close immediately.

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