Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share with you that on Tuesday, April 11, 2006 I will be the expert psychotherapist on the Montel Show on Mixed Orientation Marriages when one spouse is gay and one spouse is straight. The show’s focus was on what to do with couples who want to stay married and do not want to leave.

For more information go to www.montelshow.com during the week of April 10, 2006 to read the description for 4/11/06.

For more information on straight spouse networks go to www.ssnetwk.org.

Also, there is a documentary being made by a company called, “World of Wonder.” These producers seem very professional and interested in doing a piece on these mixed orienation couples. If you or anyone you know might be interested in talking to them, their information is below:

We are doing a documentary on mixed orientation marriages and are looking for subjects to interview.

We are looking for gay men and their straight spouses in all stages of a relationship: still married, separated, divorced etc. to be represented on our show for an established cable network.

If you or someone you know wants to share their story AND is willing to be interviewed on camera please contact us ASAP. This is not for a talk show.

There will be no crowd, no audience and no host- just respectful interviews. We aim to inform and educate not degrade or humiliate.

Our intent is to examine these situations in order to show all sides and to let others know that they are not alone. Are you one of the 2 million in America? We want to talk to you.

Please send an email to wonderdocs@yahoo.com.

Jennifer Chandler
World of Wonder
323-603-6300 ext. 235

Danya Berman
Casting Director
World of Wonder
323-603-6300 ext. 253

Warmly, Joe Kort, MSW, LMSW

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