Recently I’ve called and emailed Alan Chambers several times asking him to elaborate on his claims exgays now number is the “hundreds of thousands” but the only reply he’s given was a very polite email stating he’s been too busy to talk. However Chambers had time to appear on FamilyLife Today with Dennis Rainey back on January 1, 2006 and provided some insight into Exodus’ rather queer statistical gathering techniques.

Chambers: It became sexualized at puberty for me. However, a couple of years prior to puberty, I was molested by an older teenage boy who I looked up to, who was athletic, who was smart, who was good-looking, and that guy that I had looked up to and idolized paid attention to me in a way that I was not meant to be paid attention to, and that kind of started me thinking along the lines of maybe this is how I find male relationship.

Dennis: [co-host] Mm-hm. I want to ask you a question about that. It seems to be a theme within the homosexual community, especially around boys; that they have had some kind of an experience, many times, around being molested. Do you have any statistics or hard data around that?

Chambers: We find at Exodus, those who contact our ministry for help, and there are about 400,000 of those each year – of those people, about 85 percent of the men and women have been sexually molested prior to age 13, and that’s a very high statistic. On the national average, I believe, it is somewhat lower, but it’s in the 70-percent range for women and in the high 60s for men on a national average.

Bob: [co-host] For those who are practicing homosexuality.

Chambers: Right.

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Oh yes, expect an infographic on this later in the week.

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