The last we heard of Tim Wilkins of Cross Ministry fame he had agreed to take a polygraph test for (I never heard how that come out).

But now Tim has a new program aimed at giving ministers tools in their efforts in “Walking People out of Homosexuality”. In his program More Than Words, Tim promises to address a number of topics. To assist him in this effort, I’m offering my own notes to his topics:

If a Friend Says “I’m gay”

Always a toughie. It’s best to answer “that’s nice, nothing changes, now who annoys you more on American Idol: Mandisa with her screaming, or Bucky with his twanging?”

Just How Tolerant was Jesus?

Jesus was very intolerant of those who use religion as a tool of oppression. But he was very tolerant of those who the religious folk accused of being sinners. That’s who he hung with most of the time and not because he was rebuking their sin. In fact, it was the good conservative church folk who accused him of being a sinner, had him beaten, and killed him on a torture device (you have to protect values, ya know).

Loving and Reaching the Gay Community

Send a nice flower arrangement to the local Gay Community Center

Debunking the “Gay Gene”

Yeah, it’s good to debunk those who claim that genes play no part. Although there has not been identified a single gene that is responsible for determining someone’s sexual orientation, most recent research shows that genetics likely play a part.

“What’s a Parent to Do?”

Love your kid. Try to avoid saying things like “I saw Mrs. Gunkle in the grocery and her son Bill is also single so I invited him for dinner” as that will work no better with your son than it does with your daughter.

Untwisting “Gay Theology”

Great topic. It’s a wonderful idea to untwist theology that picks a few verses in Leviticus and ignores others. It’s great to untwist the connection that some religious people have made between Biblical reference to temple prostitution and committed same-sex couples.

“They didn’t teach me this in Seminary!”

I’m not sure where you came up with this topic. From the listing of those who “should attend” very few were ever in seminary.

Counseling the Homosexual

Very important topic. Gay people are best counseled by folks who base their practice on well-studied and supported psychological principles rather than religious dogma, have read recent reports on how gay people have lives very similar to heteros, and most importantly, by those who have not been expelled from professional associations for fraud or harmful care.

Preventing Homosexuality

Oh, this is the funny gotcha part where the heading looks like something impossible (pre-controlling someone’s sexual orientation) but really is about something else entirely, right?

A Biblical Bridge Out of Homosexuality

I’m not sure what this one is. It must mean that bridge over the misunderstanding, rejection, hatred, and deceit that some churches have used to portray gays as enemies of the family.

The Church: “Walking by Faith, not by Fright”

Excellent topic. You could spend hours demonstrating the efforts used by anti-gay activists to frighten gay people and their families. You could use all of Paul Cameron’s lies as example and then move on to the quotes by NARTH and FOTF.

You could discuss how Christ calls us to walk in the faith that he is a just loving God that sees us where we are in the century we live in rather than to live in fear of seven “clobber passages” written to a different people in a different culture with a different understanding of human sexuality.

Demystifying Homosexuality

This is a perfect ending point. It’s about time that someone takes away the shroud of lies about a non-existent “homosexual lifestyle” and shows gay people as they really are. Invite in Christian couples living in covenant with God and each other and kick the mystery, myth, and “otherness” that has been perpetuated by anti-gay and ex-gay ministries right out the church door.

I hope my advice helps, Tim. Glad to be a bearer of truth.

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