According to USA Today, Exodus has dropped its complaint against blogger Justin Watt, after Watt removed the Exodus logo watermark from his parody of Exodus’ antigay billboard that was titled, “Gay? Unhappy?”:


I think Exodus’ decision is sensible; even its claim of infringement against its logo was legally weak.

Exodus had lodged a related complaint against Ex-Gay Watch for republishing Watt’s parody. This web site was courteous enough to remove the parody during the dispute; I would have appreciated the courtesy of a direct notification from Mr. Chambers that the case had been dropped.

I don’t care much for, and so I was happy to see bloggers respond so creatively with alternatives. The following parody by Zortnac remains my favorite because it focuses squarely upon exgay activists who seem determined to impose their unhappiness and unanswered questions upon other people.


Meanwhile, Watt — the unwitting cause of all this controversy — seems to be enjoying the Bay Area media spotlight. He’s welcome to it!

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