In a press release claiming that Ford ‘Proves’ Commitment To Homosexual Agenda, the American Family Association claims that Ford Motor Company “proved to the homosexual leaders the company’s commitment to their agenda” because Ford advertised on an episode of CBS’ Without a Trace in which two women kiss.

Although it is likely that Ford simply continued their advertising on the show and did not particularly care one way or the other whether this episode had a same-sex kiss, AFA’s Don Wildmon is free to interpret it as he wishes.

However, AFA goes further and claims the following:

Last fall, in a meeting with AFA, Ford agreed to stop funding the homosexual agenda. However, after a group of angry homosexual leaders met with Ford, the company reneged on its agreement and announced that they would continue their commitment to support the effort to legalize homosexual marriage. [emphasis mine]

That simply isn’t true. Ford did not “announce[] that they would continue their commitment to support the effort to legalize homosexual marriage”.

Ford announced that they would “vigorously promote their products to all people” and in a letter stated that Ford would “support certain events” and “run corporate ads in these targeted publications [for] all eight of Ford’s vehicle brands.” Ford did not mention homosexual marriage at any point, much less announce any commitment to support efforts to legalize it.

AFA tries to tie Ford to gay marriage by means of Ford’s sponsorship of GLAAD, an organization that AFA calls “one of the nation’s largest homosexual groups promoting homosexual marriage” (though GLAAD’s focus is solely on media image and only tangentially is involved with the gay marriage issue) and because of Ford’s sponsorship of a pride event at which there was a commitment ceremony. This connection is flimsy and indirect at best.

But AFA is not content with hyperbole and now has made an accusation that cannot be supported by any evidence. Wildmon should remember that when you make statements about businesses falsely claiming what they have announced, this makes all businesses less likely to trust you in the future.

Additionally, there has been some confusion about whether or not an anti-gay agreement had been reached between AFA and Ford. AFA claims an agreement was reached; Ford denies it. The unsustantiated claim made today by Wildmon removes any assumption of credibility on his part and strengthens Ford’s assertion that no agreement had ever been reached with AFA.

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