In a suburb of Orlando, Florida, there is a small office building near the airport where six offices share 6,000 square feet of office space.


As of mid-2005, Exodus International was headquartered in one of the six offices, occupying perhaps 1,000 square feet. Please note that I am not disclosing the office address. (I’d disclose the source of this photo and real estate information, but in this case to do so would disclose the address.)

The office is a bit small for an organization of a dozen-or-so full-time employees, and by itself the office seems inadequate to support 400,000 inquiries per year — unless, of course, most of those inquiries are auto-responded and auto-filed by a forgotten PC sitting in a corner.

I’m not surprised by the size of the Exodus office — it has been clear to me for some years that much of the work publicly attributed directly or indirectly to Exodus International is actually done off-premises — and off-budget, too, by generous organizations such as Focus on the Family that can afford national newspaper-ad and billboard campaigns.

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