Today (03/21/06) Alan Chambers, President of Exodus International, was the guest on Stephen Bennett’s Straight Talk Radio. Alan had something very interesting to share with Stephen:

Stephen: You know a message that seems to be a common thread in so many testimonies of individuals who have left the sinful behavior of homosexuality seems to be a broken relationship with a parent and many times it’s the same-sex parent. There can also be a closer relationship maybe with the opposite-sex parent. And again while this isn’t a parental blame game, and I’m not trying to say this applies to every situation, because it doesn’t, Alan do you find this to be true in stories you hear from individuals either dealing with unwanted same sex attraction or even those who have left the practice of homosexual behavior?

Alan: Every man and woman that I meet has that common link, a lack of relationship with their same-sex parent, and it’s not always a hostile relationship with their same-sex parent, but it is always something that is missing. There’s a breech that happens early on, wether it’s um… hostile or wether it’s just a perception that occurs or an inability to identify with them at all, and I think that the reason why that’s so prevalent is because we live in a culture where there are so many broken homes.

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Wow, what a gem! This is a good as Melissa Fryrear’s claim “I have never met [a homosexual] that has not been sexually violated in his or her life.”

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