Alan Chambers, President of Exodus International was recently quoted by saying, “lifelong homosexual relationships are not possible.” Ex-Gay Watch’s own Timothy provided analysis in his own previous post but I felt the need to pen a letter to Chambers himself.


This letter is in regards to your statement at the (February 2006) Conservative Political Action Conference, “lifelong homosexual relationships are not possible.”

Your organization, Exodus International, relies almost entirely on personal testimonies to provide substantiation of your claims changing one’s sexuality is possible. In your very own print-ad published by Exodus titled “I Questioned Homosexuality” you are quoted, “I am living proof that change is possible.”

Reaching gay and lesbian Americans is the stated goal of Exodus. Nationwide there are tens of thousands of gay and lesbian Americans who are now married in Massachusetts or have signed up for other various domestic partner registries in other states. You have essentially said gay people are liars and those in domestic partnerships are merely shams.

When I shared an evening with ex-gay Chad Thompson we engaged in civil debate and respected the testimonies and experiences of the other. Civil debate ceases to exist when either side says the personal experiences of the other is a lie.

Your statement is shameful and it saddens my heart. You have just insulted countless gay and lesbian Americans and said their first hand testimonies mean nothing. Since your case rests entirely on taking ex-gays at their word, I really have no idea why gay people should bother to return the favor. If you care not to listen to gay and lesbian Americans, then I highly doubt they will care to listen to you. What you just said undermined the only reason gay people should believe change is possible. I’m not sure who your organization is ministering to now, but it certainly doesn’t look like gay and lesbian Americans.

Daniel Gonzales
Ex-Gay Watch

Permission to copy, reprint, repost and rebroadcast this letter in whole is granted to all provided attribution is given to it’s author, “Daniel Gonzales of”

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