From today’s (02/13/06) broadcast of Family News In Focus:

Love Won Out is a ministry of Focus on the Family that proclaims same-sex attraction doesn’t have to be a life-sentence and uses conferences around the nation to convey that message. Pastor Gene Moniz is with the Evangelical Free Church of St. Louis County.

“My take is that the two words that homosexuality is ‘curable’ and ‘preventable’ angered some people.”

Melissa Fryrear, one of several former homosexuals on the Love Won Out team, confirms that gay and lesbian activists don’t want their message that homosexuality is genetic and impossible to change contradicted.

“When you have thousands of the people out there proclaiming, ‘yes, I have changed,’ that certainly undermines a position that they try to stand on.”

The Love Won Out staff is used to gay activists trying to intimidate them. Former gay, Mike Haley, directs the Love Won Out program at Focus.[*]

Sure, we could do the semantics dance since Fryrear is only counting ex-gays who “proclaim” their change. If you add up all the ex-gays in the closet about their status as ex-gays I suppose that’s how we arrive at the “hundreds of thousands” figure.

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