In Ohio, a bill was introduced to ban children from being placed for adoption or foster care in homes where the prospective parent or a roommate is homosexual, bisexual or transgender.

State Rep. Ron Hood, the Ashville Republican sponsoring the bill, said he believes children raised by gay parents have increased risk of physical and emotional problems and might question their own sexuality.

“Studies have shown that the optimal setting to raise children is in a traditional setting with a mom and a dad,” Hood said. The bill would not apply to single men or women seeking to adopt.

However the bill is considered dead on arrival.

Scott Borgemenke, chief of staff to House Speaker Jon Husted, dismissed the bill on Friday as discriminatory and said Husted, a Dayton-area Republican, has other priorities.

“There’s a growing concern within the Republican party of continuing to introduce this divisive legislation,” he said. “We don’t think there’s some cottage industry of homosexual adoptions. We do believe people are losing their jobs.”

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times has a story today about 2 year old Sarah Chavez. She had been placed into the foster care of two women who wanted to adopt and raise her.

Soon after they got her they raised concerns to the social worker that she displayed behavior that led them to be concerned that her aunt and uncle may have abused her physically and perhaps sexually before Sarah came to them. However, due to a policy of trying to keep families together and because of inadequate controls in the system, Sarah was returned to her heterosexual aunt and uncle.

Where she was beaten to death.

To their credit, the Times focused on the lack of proper controls and did not mention the orientation of the foster parents or of the aunt and uncle.

However, considering the efforts made by anti-gay activists, including Exodus International, to paint gay and lesbian families as unfit parents which are always less satisfactory than opposite-sex parents, to me this tragic story became even more infuriating.

There is no doubt that had the scenario been reversed, had a child been taken from a heterosexual couple and placed with a gay couple where it was abused, Exodus and the other anti-gay lobby groups would be trumpeting this as an example of the unfitness of gay parents.

I am sorry for the foster parents of Sarah. And I am sorry for other children who – if the anti-gay activists have their way – will have no choice but remain in dangerous and abusive circumstances rather than find a home with loving gay parents.

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