According to Salon, Alan Chamber spoke to the Conservative Political Action Conference:

A 1:30 p.m. session on “Marriage in the States,” which was supposed to include Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback, featured instead a self-described former homosexual named Alan Chambers. He said sodomy was like fast food: “It will kill you.” He was an expert because he had lived through the torment of gay lust, enduring “a never ending cycle of cravings and nourishment … an endless treadmill of faceless encounters, broken hearts and unmet dreams.” His research on the gay lifestyle had also taught him that gay people do not really want gay marriage (it was the liberal media) and that “lifelong homosexual relationships are not possible.” Then he declared, in the struggling voice of a recovering alcoholic, “Today I stand before you as a heterosexual man … who now lives an unparalleled life of happiness and satisfaction.” He said there were hundreds of thousands like him.

A still-gay member of the audience, who said he belonged to the Log Cabin Republicans, rose in protest. “How can you speak for all homosexuals?” he asked. “As a gay person I would like to know how I am anti-family.” Chambers let one of the other panelists take the question.

Since I know that Alan and friends monitor this site, I pose this question:

Alan, how can you speak before a group and say these things? You have communicated with several people who are in lifelong homosexual relationships. How can you claim they are not possible?

Alan, have you no regard whatsoever for honesty?

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