Exgay activist D.L. Foster is challenging remarks made here at XGW by Regan DuCasse (e-mail).

But Foster is denying DuCasse the opportunity to respond to his criticisms.

DuCasse wrote this response:

My Friends,

Looks like DL Foster has plainly gone to war on me. He’s taking my comments here and is using them on his own site to rip my opinions, but he’s especially taking me to task over what I’ve said about my family and heritage.

And turning it into an indictment at every chance.

My background is also black, Creek (my paternal grandmother) and of an Irish Protestant immigrant from Cork.

Now, I’m not allowed to post any opinions or questions or discuss or defend what I’ve said at his site.

Now I love history too, as Foster has said he cares for.

He went to the trouble of checking out Chicasaw cultural sites to try and discredit me.

But we talk here also about civil rights history.

And how whites, and others have used one’s personal characteristics, not harm…being turned into moral reform and cause for unjust discrimination.

He might have found historical situations associated with the Chicasaw tribe that until a hundred years ago, were true.

But I know that NA children from many different tribal nations were taken wholesale from their homes and unwillingly placed in institutions and forced to learn the Bible, and aculturated to be more tolerable to whites and trained to do menial labor for white businesses and homes.

No one’s cultural history is perfect.

It’s also true that Africans who captured tribal enemies sold them into American and European slavery. That still doesn’t justify the institution of slavery and it’s cousin Jim Crow thereafter.

But we are now living in the 21st century, and there are still situations of savagery that occur against many innocent human beings, including gay people, that’s mental and physical, that must be addressed and eliminated.

The point is, Foster is behaving strangely. I cannot participate in a discussion with him, but he cruises this site to give cause to call me names.

I’m a big girl, and thick skinned and I was warned here that he was a thug.

He hasn’t hurt my feelings. It’s just a sign of his lack of class.

He validates exactly what you say.

And here I was, trying to virtually ignore him.

How very strange that he’s taken such an interest in me, despite the fact that I haven’t directly addressed him in months.

He’s decided he knows everything about me and ALL my tribes, from my posts here.

Now, what do you make of that?

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