In 2005, the parents of a teen-aged blogger named Zach forced him to attend more than a month of live-in exgay conditioning at Memphis, Tenn.-based Love In Action. Zach’s father also announced the family’s identity and made an antigay political cause of Zach’s trauma on Pat Robertson’s program, “The 700 Club.”

Today, Good As You may have uncovered a similar incident that began less than a month ago: Dec. 19. In this case, the program appears not to be live-in. One can still hope the family will allow the youth to figure out — with unbiased, professional guidance if desired — what his orientation is, and how best to honor his values while respecting his family.

Good As You has thoughtfully concealed the identity of the family.

I said it during the public debate over Zach, and I’ll say it again: Youths, be careful about what you post online. And consider not posting anything. Find responsible, informed people in the real world whom you can talk to — and trust.

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