In today’s Family News In Focus broadcast propaganda reader Steve Jordahl stated that the “Evangelical community” hasn’t said anything about gay people Jesus would want them to apologize for:

“I think there’s probably a feeling among AIDS activists that the evangelical community has not been a partner and certainly may have contributed to some of the sense of stigma and discrimination.”

“We have not been there. We should have been helping in this much, much, much sooner. And so if we’re going to have a Christ-like ministry we’re going to have to treat people the way Jesus did, and that means love them when they’re sick.”

But gay activists want more than just help for those with aids; Cloutier wants acceptance of his lifestyle.

[Mark Cloutier:] “Ideally I would like it if there was some recognition of what the role of past statements that have been homophobic, to acknowledge them.”

[Steve Jordahl:] That’s something Jesus would never do.

[End of report]

Once again Focus pretends to have a monopoly on faith and claiming to speak for their God. Not only is Focus pretending they have never done/said anything sinful about gay people but as you can see from the context of the article, Steve “honorary member of the trinity” Jordahl, appears to be saying the whole of Evangelical America has never said anything sinful and deliberately untrue about gay people.

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