At the risk of annoying you all with more news about Brokeback Mountain…

Fox News has released Roger Friedman’s the top 10 movies of the year (actually it is 12) and their number 1 is Munich.

Capote and Transamerica are both included but guess which critic favorite Golden Globe nominee didn’t make the top 12. Maybe, unlike Munich, Brokeback can’t be described thus:

…a superb hero, easy to follow as he is drawn by loyalty to God and country into a thankless assassination plot.

Oh, but the movie wasn’t entirely ignored. The comments for the number 8 movie:

8. “Broken Flowers” — Focus Features has done a good job ignoring this brilliant Jim Jarmusch film so they could give us gay cowboys mumbling and tumbling together in “Brokeback Mountain.” I do think that Bill Murray’s sublime performance in “Broken Flowers” is going to outlast “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Romance,” and that video viewers are going to wonder why Murray, director Jarmusch, supporting actor Jeffrey Wright and a trio of Murray’s ex-flames — in cameo — Sharon Stone, Jessica Lange and Frances Conroy — weren’t shown more respect.

Sounds to me like fair and balanced Friedman thinks Focus Features erred in “giving us” gay cowboys and thinks the movie is the emotional and intelectual equal of a silly buddy comedy. Sorry Friedman, I think your bias is showing.

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