After just a couple weeks on the air “straight talker” Stephen Bennett seems to be running out of things to say and so it now appears as if he’s resorting to making things up. Here are a few highlights from today’s show. (11.22.05 Real Audio / Windows Media)

(+7:35) Stephen: It was not a logical choice you made to be attracted to the opposite sex, god and his plan took it’s natural course and your heterosexual hormones kicked in as they should have. In a distorted way, the same is somewhat true with homosexuality, though it’s unnatural, it is not a logical choice one makes to be attracted to the same sex. But again, here’s the major difference, the same sex attraction develops unnaturally.

Heterosexual hormones? Frankly I’m at a loss for words. Stephen however has plenty more to say:

(+9:24) Stephen: Here are just a few of the common dynamics of a person who is struggling with same sex attraction, or who has identified themselves as gay or lesbian. Get ready to jot these down. Upwards of 75 percent of homosexual men have been molested or had a prepubescent sexual experience early on in their childhood. Upwards of 90 to 95 percent of homosexual men have had or have a broken or nonexistence relationship with their father. Especially one during the early developmental years . and most likely were or are closer with their mother, even thought they may have had friends who are boys, most likely many have had more friends who were girls, they were much safer. Upwards of 85 to 90 percent of females have been molested by a male very close to them.

Where did Stephen get these statistics? God only knows cos Stephen never says. Perhaps concerned listeners should email him and ask. Oh but there’s more:

(+19:35) Stephen: Homosexuality can stem from a death in the family, divorce, physical attributes such as being too tall, too short, heavy, etc… anything that makes you different from the rest of your same-sex peers.

Straightness hormones… Statistics without sources… Gayness caused by being too tall?

Now that’s what I call straight talkin!

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