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I would really like to thank queer cartoonist Bruce Garrett for his time and ideas to generously shared with me in getting to the final cartoon you see today.

This cartoon is inspired by Focus’ “Family News In Focus” radio program: ( Broadcast 11/03/05 +3:28 )

Host Bob Ditmer: “An amendment to the Children’s Safety Act adds sexual orientation, gender and disability to protections covered by federal hate crimes law. A conference committee will determine if it remains before being sent to the President. But if Sweden is any example, the legislation would have devastating consequences here in the us. Here’s Pete Winn.”

Pete Winn: “If the effect of such laws in other countries replicates itself here, preaching the bible will be criminal. Steve Adams is a reporter with [Focus’] Citizen Magazine.”

Steve Adams: “As things move farther in that direction, it will become less inconceivable that we could have, say an Ake Greene situation. That’s the pastor in Sweden who goes before the Supreme Court on November 9th and he’s facing jail time for having preached against homosexuality.”

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