These less grievous sins of course include the time Agape editor Jody Brown thought herself too busy to bless a staff writer after they sneezed. [ok I made that up]

But in all seriousness, the religious right usually has the courtesy to pretend as though homosexuality is no different than other sins and shouldn’t be singled out. The Agapepress had a lapse in judgment today after imbibing too much eggnog at the AFA Thanksgiving potluck. Let’s read, shall we?

Few sins in the Bible are described with the same harshness or urgency of language as homosexuality. Genesis 18:20… [bla bla bla, long string of Bible quotes I don’t care about] In other words, the consequences of homosexual behavior can be considerably more grievous than some other sins. Homosexuality is unique in that it is especially abhorrent to God and constitutes a significantly perverse and wicked lifestyle that clearly shows that one is far removed from Him.

But really now, by Agape standards that alone is hardly worth mentioning here on XGW. The rest of the article makes use of a literary technique rarely used by the religious right. That technique? Hysteria. Here are some choice sentences used to open paragraphs and lastly the closing line:

Few sins have done more of late to wreak havoc among God’s people as homosexuality…

Moreover, few sins today threaten religious freedom as does homosexuality…

Southern Baptists in the Tar Heel State have become a lighthouse illuminating the way for the great denominational ships of Zion in imminent danger of sinking in the “Graveyard of the Apostates.”

With hysteria like this, I don’t know how they managed to keep Don Wildmon from ripping off his clothes and running down the hall proclaiming the end times.

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