Stephen Bennett seems to have different numbers than “mister not-so-straight mathematics” Alan Chambers. Perhaps Bennett’s numbers are from 2003 since that was the last time Chambers claimed ex-gays numbered in the “thousands.”

(+22:28) I am one of thousands of men and women who have made that choice and who have made that choice for Jesus Christ. Listen, let me be blunt, you don’t have to be a Christian to come out of homosexuality just as you don’t have to be a Christian to come out of drug addition, or alcoholism, or adultery. But the truth of the matter is, what the point of going from gay to straight and going to Hell? Jesus Christ is the answer. (11.25.05 Real Audio / Windows Media)

Whoa! What’s this little gem from Stephen? The only reason people should seek change is because God compels them? Funny how the very next day’s show is titled “The Medical Truths and Dangers of Homosexuality – Part 1” So yeah, there’s no reason to change other than faith Bennett says…

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