Neither liberals nor the ACLU have espoused “compassion” for Islamic terrorists, nor sought to ban Christmas.

But Exodus lobbyist Randy Thomas apparently needed someone to grumble about yesterday. So, on his blog, he reprinted far-right agitprop without checking the facts or identifying any examples of “every liberal mantra” that he claims to oppose. It is Thomas’ usual practice — and that of his religious-right political movement — not to verify whether any specific liberal has ever said what he claims they say. This deliberate (and sinful) ignorance permits Thomas to foster contempt for his neighbors without the pangs of guilt that might result from knowledge and critical thinking about those whom he smears.

For all this Exodus leader’s parroting of epithets such as “jihadist,” it is ironically Thomas who reinforces a holy war: the religious right’s politicization and monetization of Christmas.

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