In his blog today, Wayne Besen attacks Brenna Simonds, leader of a small Boston exgay ministry, the name of which he does not give. That ministry’s name is is Alive In Christ and is unlucky enough to be based out of a church located a block from the capital building. In Besen’s eye by virtue of the fact Simonds ministers to exgays and is located near the capital she is surely involved in anti-gay politicking. Mr. Besen provides no substantiation of these accusations Simonds is politically involved. Googling “Brenna Simonds” turns up little more than mention of her ministerial work and a couple book reviews of rather benign Christian books. I question if Besen’s unsubstantiated accusations on Ms. Simonds and inflammatory commentary on Randy Thomas’ sex-life later in his post serve any constructive purpose.

P.S. Fun new infographic Monday! (But it’s on a different subject, not Wayne.)

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