Addendum: The above graphic is REAL. But here are some show topics I would like to suggest for Bennett’s show. Yes, these are JOKES but they are based on real things Bennett has done and said.

Stopping The Homosexual Invasion Of The Home And Garden Network So Heterosexuals Like Me Can Learn To Decoupage In Peace

Get Your Hair Did!

“Gay Christians:” You Can’t Have Your Cake And Eat It Too.

An Extra Special Rant On Why Time Magazine’s Radical Homosexual Sex-Orgy Crazed Activist Author Should Have Interviewed Me Rather Than One Of The Other “Hundreds of Thousands” Of Exgays Out There.

Excorcists: They Love Exgays Like Me Too!

Gay People: Not Just An Abomination To God But Also A Putrid Stench In His Nostrils!

When Passing Out T-Shirts Make Sure To Get Gender Appropriate Colors.

In all fairness, I’m in no position to be making fun of people for their hair.

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