I see below that Dan Gonzales disagrees strongly with one of Wayne Besen’s posts this week.

I hadn’t noticed that post, but there are at least two other posts by Besen that are worth a look:

The American Family Association is battling wholesome low-wage drugstore chain Walgreen’s because the retailer is one of the many corporate sponsors for the 2006 Gay Games, which promote health, fitness and fairness in athletics. It isn’t too surprising that AFA has chosen to smear professional health-and-fitness advocates and their commercial sponsors, given (as Besen notes) the AFA’s longtime support for antigay activist Michael Johnston, who spent the late 1990s trying to infect gay strangers with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, by way of unsafe-sex orgies.

Besen also draws attention to an apparent smear by the antigay New York Post — which was quickly quoted by both gay- and exgay-affiliated media, including XGW — against J. David Enright IV and against an alleged pedophile priest. Enright now says he never told the Post that the priest caused him to become same-sex-attracted. Enright also says he’s “proud” to be open about his same-gender sexual orientation. Besen has the details.

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