In a press release for its Boston “Love Won Out” conference, Focus on the Family briefly acknowledges that attacking gay couples’ partnership and marriage rights in Massachusetts is a key purpose of the program.

Focus official and Exodus chairman Mike Haley says: “I and thousands of others know firsthand that there is a way out of unwanted homosexuality.” But in this and other press releases, Haley never gets around to telling readers what that “way out” is. Costly reparative therapy? Ostracism from church? Employment discrimination? Eviction? Prosecution on sodomy charges? Exodus and Focus leaders support all of these tactics, but Haley withholds that information from his audience.

Haley also states, “Unfortunately, the message that homosexuals can change if they choose to is not extended a great deal of tolerance by the activist leaders in the gay community.” Haley declines to name any such activists; in fact, Haley’s comment is a half-truth: Activist groups object to Haley’s misleading definition of change.

Despite statements by actress Anne Heche repudiating allegedly false claims by her antigay mother, Focus nevertheless will again provide a soapbox to Nancy Heche at Love Won Out in Boston. Anne Heche was not invited to offer counterpoint, nor does the press release even mention her objections to Nancy’s campaign.

Buried at the end of the press release is the news that Focus political operative Bill Maier will attempt to explain how happy gay couples pose a mortal threat to the children of Massachusetts.

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