In a story today on its CitizenLink web service, Focus on the Family reported (emphasis is XGW’s):

Gerard Wellman, who joined the staff of Love in Action after completing its program and leaving homosexuality, said the group helps hundreds of young men each year. He said those who come looking for help often bring other issues, such as depression.

But spokesman Wellman did not leave homosexuality. Instead, he (and Focus) silently redefined sexual orientation to refer solely to behavior, not sexual and romantic attraction. Wellman has told ABC, CNN, and The Guardian that “change” and “homosexual” describe behavior, not people.

Focus’ latest article avoids informing the readership of the full extent of Tennessee’s case against Love In Action, and concludes by changing the subject — to hawk products, in this case Focus employee and Exodus chairman Mike Haley’s booklet “101 Frequently Asked Questions about Homosexuality.”

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