New York Socialite “J. David Enright IV says that Father Joseph Romano sexually abused him at a Christian youth camp in the early 1960s, when he was seven years old,” and that made him gay. And now he wants $5 Million.

He goes on to explain his lifestyle:

Mr Enright, a scion of two of New York’s most aristocratic families, who made his millions as an advertising executive for the Broadway production of 42nd Street, said that for years he kept his homosexuality private, dating women in the 1980s but secretly trawling for male companions. “I had a straight life in business, socially on Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue. Then there was the other world, slinking around in Greenwich Village gay bars, finding mates,” he said.

Perhaps Mr. Enright isn’t just looking for cash and actually thinks that the molestation influenced his sexual orientation.

He doesn’t mention, however, what influenced him to be a total sleaze, putting on an act for his rich buddies while slinking around gay bars.

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