Last night Lou Sheldon of the TVC issued possibly the most nonsensical response to Time’s recent article on gay teens I have seen yet. (Yes, even farther out there than Stephen Benett’s tantrum.

[Time’s author] also carefully smears ex-gay ministries like Exodus International and Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) by pointing out that some individuals struggling with same-sex attractions lose the battle to overcome these life-controlling behaviors.[*]

Really Lou? When has it ever been shown any sort of ex-gay ministry has a 100% success rate? The TVC’s statement on the gay teens article is one of the most painfully irrational documents I have ever seen them publish. Hopefully one of my fellow authors here at XGW will tackle it.

I greatly admire the work of ex-ex-gay Peterson Toscano who recently asked, just who exactly is censoring ex-gays like Exodus?

Exodus, in collusion with the hetero church became silenced except when proclaiming [sic] the party line that change is possible through Jesus Christ. No longer could they honestly explore the issues surrounding same-sex attractions, its origins and place in the world.

No one could be completely honest about their struggles and the fact that for the vast majority in Exodus, same-sex desires did not go away. Change was not possible, just behavior modification or bisexuality (an unmentionable).

…Who has marginalized the “Ex-gay” movement? Who silences “ex-gays”? The pro-gay liberal press and the armies of gay activists with our sinister agenda?

Or is it the Religious Right, a political machine that profits off the lives of gays and lesbians who can only be welcome at the table as long as they behave? [*]

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