The [AFA] is announcing the end of its years-long protest against the Walt Disney Company. For nine years, the pro-family organization has urged its supporters to avoid anything Disney, but the boycott has now officially come to an end…

…Wildmon and others at AFA believe some of the initial concerns that caused the ministry to call the boycott have been addressed. “We feel like Disney, in many respects, has made an effort to clean up its act in the last couple of years,” he says, “especially with the resignation of Michael Eisner. He’s been a big problem with Disney. And also, they’re getting rid of Miramax Films.”(*)

Really? And here I’ve been thinking for the past NINE YEARS it was about Disney giving special rights equal benefits to gay families. I’d express my further feelings on this matter more colorfully but doing so would require the use of a bovine paired with a four letter word.

Oh and isn’t it cute how the Agapepress refers to the AFA in the third person? As if I don’t notice it’s a soapbox for whatever pea was under Don Wildmon’s mattress last night.

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