PFOX publicly declares that it favors tolerance for gays and exgays.

But PFOX’s own Yahoo-based e-mail discussion and “support” list, advertised on the front page of its web page, tells a different story:

In dozens of messages every month, several parents and peers of gays vent their anger at their gay relatives and friends, and claw for ways to make virtues out of discrimination, prejudice, and hatred of all things that they deem “liberal.” PFOX list moderators make no effort to discourage the rants.

Here’s a brief, very typical glimpse. Typos were made by the letter-writers. When reading the messages of these parents and friends such as these, it becomes apparent before too long that the only “gay right” they support is, as PFOX puts it, “the right to choose change.”

— Mike

From: John [no last name; e-mail address omitted by XGW] Reply-To:
Date: May 20, 2005 11:51 AM
Subject: [ex-gay] Discrimination

I find that so much of what we see in today’s world in the ultra liberal whatever feels good do it socciety, absent any absolutes, is in reality an attempt to change the meanings of words. This has a profound effect on society, and it always seems to be to all our detriment.

Here is my catch on what the word “discriminate” is being used for in the world of the liberal (this goes FAR beyond the discussion of SSA)..

Webster’s New Politically Correct Collegiate Dictionary

Discrimination: noun a.) Unwillingness to participate in another’s misguided thoughts, b.) refusing to further another’s agenda, c.) adhering to a belief system that has moral absolutes d.) compassion and love, viewed through the skewed prism of a person’s bent and damaged view of life and love.

Meanwhile TRUE discrimination marches on…unseen and unknown by so many.

From: Natalie [no last name; e-mail address omitted by XGW] Reply-To:
Date: May 21, 2005 10:02 PM
Subject: Re: [ex-gay] Discrimination

Yeah, John.

The thing about discrimination is that it’s GOOD!

Discrimination simply means that you are sorting out the differences. As long as it is used in moderation, it is fine. The gay world loves to stereotype things and say that all straight men are like this….all gay men are like this…. and of course they won’t admit at all that not only are they discriminating but they are taking it a level higher and are unwilling to see that discrimination can only be good to an extent. Just like any other tool, you must understand and respect it’s limits or it will make things worse. We all know that even old ladies can be terrorist, but the thing is they are far more unlikely to be. But in today’s politically correct world, they will randomly pick old ladies who are native to this country out of a crowd, but they ignore all the foreigners walking by her who look like they come from the middle east. Anyway, the same thing happens in the gay community as well. I think we need to be aware that we cannot just try to win the battle in the gay arena. We need to get to the roots of the problem as well. One of the reasons all this political correctness is so powerful in our country is because the liberals knew how to undermine us. They started simply with taking prayer out of schools while preaching soft principles of political correctness. If we are just shooting at the gay community but don’t get involved with teaching out children, voting, etc, then we will lose. We must go for the foundation, get morals and absolutes back in our countries through as many avenues as we can. Onward Christian Soldiers…


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