WorldNetDaily readers all too often exhibit ugly, heinous and hateful worldviews** but published on May 20th, 2005 is a letter of interest. Unfortunately, letters are not archived so I’m reprinting the entire piece here: (google cache)

Ex-gay movement a fraud

There are two things that have always bugged me about the ex-gay movement.

One is I know it’s impossible to change your orientation no matter what they say. Granted, there are self-loathing gays. One only has to read this website daily to see how many otherwise intelligent people believe gays choose to be “that way” and that their choice is evil and hated by God and they’re going to hell.

It’s certainly not easy being gay, but I assure you it’s no choice. If these people say they can go from gay to straight, isn’t the reverse also true? Is there anyone reading this who honestly believes that I could make him gay? Didn’t think so.

Which brings me to the second thing that bugs me: All we have to go on is the ex-gay’s word that he or she has changed. That is, until now. Science is getting closer all the time to proving that we are indeed born that way, and the recent studies in Sweden could be used as a way to test these folks.

I challenge any ex-gay to prove his conversion. Lets take a picture of the inner workings of the brain, the hypothalamus actually, while being exposed to male pheromones (it would have to be a gay man not a lesbian for now). Since this is a response that cannot be controlled or faked, it should go a long way toward settling the question of whether or not gay conversion therapy really works. Any takers?

Scott L. Doonan

As the first commenter to this post pointed out, arguing about “biological gay attributes” isn’t getting us anywhere. The important point this letter attempts to raise is, ex-gays should have to provide more proof than just their word on the efficacy of conversion therapy.

Mr. Doonan’s proposal relies too heavily on “gay attributes” when there already exist a slew of methods by which researchers can quantify human sexual response: polygraph, pupil dilation and even measuring changes in blood-flow to the genitals. Hmm… any self-proclaimed ex-gays care to volunteer?

**Yes I know those are strong words but have a look: WND readers overwhelmingly voted 83-percent in favor of the United States threatening to vaporize Mecca and Medina in a sick and twisted effort to somehow deter terrorists from using nuclear weapons.(*) Shortly before Yasser Arafat’s death the exact status of his health was relatively unknown. During that time of uncertainty WND readers were asked what Arafat’s “real condition” was; 42-percent of readers replied he was “Dead, in hell”(*)

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