Without a trace of criticism, Exodus exgay media blogger Nancy Brown promotes AgapePress’ March 4 defense of Wisconsin Christians United as a group of martyrs assaulted by the "violent heart" of gay Americans.

First, some context:

WCU papered the homes of Burlington, Wis., with tracts that demand the prosecution and punishment of gay people, and that (based on "studies" by discredited activist Paul Cameron), define same-sex-attracted people as diseased pedophiles and cannibals. (AgapePress obscures the issue, euphemistically describing the literature merely as "a biblical message about homosexuality.")

In response to the threatening tracts, WCU says, one man began "assaulting" the antigay canvassers; WCU does not say whether the assault was verbal or physical.

Despite his own intolerance, Ralph Ovadal — director of WCU — criticizes "such intolerant reactions" to "Christian expressions," and says there is a benefit to be gained from such altercations: Such confrontations reinforce Ovadal’s wishful contention that peaceful coexistence between gay-tolerant and antigay people is impossible.

Ovadal vows to return to Burlington with more antigay hate tracts.

(Hat tip: Dan Gonzales)

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