In correspondence published in January 2005 by Teach The Facts, the professional American Counseling Association said it found merit in six specific ethical-misconduct charges against ex-gay activist Richard Cohen. ACA said it approved the charges, which were sufficient for membership expulsion for life. Cohen ‘s expulsion was made final in May 2002. (Previous XGW coverage.)

From The Washington Blade, March 4, 2005:

Wayne Besen tells the Blade that Cohen has, for three years and counting, failed to disclose his expulsion to the public through the religious-right media that he uses to promote reparative-therapy activism.

"This speaks to the very base of [Cohen’s] credibility, honesty and respect in the field," Besen said. "He’s wronged the profession and community by not disclosing how he had a professional failure of this magnitude."

"As president of PFOX, he had an obligation to inform people that he was discredited. It should have been news a few years ago, but it wasn’t because he hid it."

In response, Cohen — president of PFOX and head of his own reparative-therapy marketing outfit — downplays his ouster.

Cohen tells the Blade that the expulsion from a voluntary organization is no big deal. He denies that he has concealed the expulsion — though he has not taken action to disclose it, either: Neither Cohen’s web site nor PFOX’s web site disclose the expulsion.

PFOX executive director Regina Griggs defends Cohen. Instead of addressing the ACA ethics charges, Griggs says that Besen "bends the truth," but she does not explain how.

Without addressing Cohen’s case specifically, Larry Freeman — ACA manager for ethics and professional standards — says expulsion is a very serious matter, one of malpractice against a patient.

Freeman says prospective patients should always investigate the backgrounds of their caregivers.

(Hat tip: Wayne Besen)

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