Revised Mar. 23, 2005

Earlier this month, American Family Association propaganda service AgapePress profiled James Hartline, an HIV-positive exgay activist.

Hartline claimed to be battling "taxpayer-funded gay bathhouses" in San Diego, but AgapePress offered no substantiation for the accusation.

As portrayed by AgapePress, Hartline seems to have nothing balanced or constructive to say about gay people. Instead, he says, "I’m very much involved in going around and educating churches and civic groups on the destruction within the homosexual community and how that’s affecting our families and our children."

Instead of blaming his own, specific, unsafe activities for his illness, Hartline says AIDS is one of "the consequences of our sin."

On Mar. 13, the owner of a San Diego gay nightclub died. This oddly mobilized Hartline, who apparently foresaw an opportunity to put his contempt for God’s mercy on display.

According to the San Diego Union Tribune, Hartline said he engaged in four discussions with Catholic bishop Robert Brom, successfully conning the bishop to single out the alleged sin of nightclub owner John McCusker as different from all others, and to deny McCusker’s family a Catholic funeral.

By Mar. 22, says the Union-Trib, public and mainstream Christian ridicule forced the bishop to apologize and to reverse his decision — to the dismay of Hartline and other religious-rightists.

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